For Networking you can go with Mike Myers Compia Network + and if you're looking for beyond skill CCNA guidebook.

For System Admin(Linux) Start with The Linux Command Line by Wiliam Shortts

Digital Security- Comptia Security + Ian Neil(Upopular opinion)

Compliance and audit- I just read the NIST dand ISO documentations

Command Line- Practice with overthewire

Reverse Engineering- I have basic understanding of reversing of ELF binary and windows application. You can ask someone with more experience. Malware Analyst's Cookbook and DVD

CyberOps- Cisco CyberOps Associate

Read CISA blogs daily, try darknet diaries as well as follow accounts related to cybersecurity:)




CEH(Practical),Red Teamer/BBHH. Have hacked Governments to fortune 500 companies/UN. Hunt of CVEs occasionally with my team.CVE-2022-30076. Bookworm